I want to briefly introduced myself, especially because of those who hear about this site out the Internet, who don’t know me well. I will give you my personal facebook profile, just in-case you are doubting me. Probably you have even seen em physically, by coming to you to talk about this free browsing for PC that i have been using for the past four months,\

My name is Michael Ekundayo, i i live here in ilorin, Olunlade to be precise. MY PHONE NUMBER IS 08105087367, the grace to call me at anytime ,and i will always call you back. My facebook profile is  While i’m giving you this personal details is to have more Chance to at least give me a benefit of doubt. 

And if you come over this site through Google that means you are tired of paying #1300 or more for 1 gig of bandwidths which it can’t be sufficient for for you, no matter how hard you are trying to manage, and of course, if there is no good networks, although i know it has become normal.

While i’m not trying not to border you with stories, i’m sorry to have border with the same thing i vowed not to do while trying to test this free browsing. While i’m not trying to give you a fake believe that i’m going to give you this free browsing on pc free, i promised that i wouldn’t sold it to you guys for halve the amount i paid to get this cheat, Even though, presently this particular cheat is been sold for #4000, and they will lied you that the sim is from South Africa. The truth is that know SIM is been imported from anywhere, everybody that laid his hand on this cheat has always wanted to be coded tunes, so that you don'[t have a dime idea you bought it.

I also need to tell you the truth that most of the guys, that are selling on the net, really have free browsing with PC, but you also need to be careful so that you don’t loose your money in a platter of being so gullible. The free browsing for PC had helped a lot, especially, as an upcoming entrepreneur who needs to be always be on net. I must be serious, i would have gone so far, some of the thing i have achieved on the net if not because this free PC browsing that have been doing wonder for me for more than four months now.As i have said before, everything is now coded, if you want to know the name of the so called South Africa SIM, feel free to call me. And i will gradually tell you. how to configure your SIM to be using with your modern, for it to be browsing.

At the same time if all you want is for me to help you configure your SIM for free browsing (just want to know how to eats fish) i will also do that for you. While don’t i want to take your time any longer i will hit the nailed on the head. To help you configure your SIM only is #2000, which you are going to pay to my account number, if you called me. But if you also want to know how to configure the SIM yourself, called me, and then we are going to have the discussion. You can also send an email, at and i will reply you within minutes, if only is not night.

The first 10 who will call me, and will be ready to comment and also gives out their email or facebook profile will have #500 discounts on this    free browsing on PC

Again my number is 08105087367

Ekundayo Michael


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